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Kiddush cups and unity candle

Part of our interfaith journey has been figuring out what pieces of each of us we bring with us. My families’ marriage traditions were reflected in having a unity candle set. We used a glass with shamrocks for one of them.



Our chuppah included the tallitots of J’s grandfathers who both passed before we married. erinandjasonballroomatthebenweddingphiladelphiaflceremony152of286.jpg

We had an amazing ketubah which reflected both of us with traditional Hebrew on one side and English translation on the other. We had two sets of old friends as our witnesses, one of which is also an interfaith couple.

It was the most beautiful and meaningful day of my life. Nothing will ever come close to feeling the way it did the moment we were actually married.

And then we spent two and a half weeks in Hawaii and I decided relaxing on a beach was more important than writing.

I’ll never say anything was easy when it came to putting together our interfaith wedding. There was a lot of self-discovery during the process but through it, we came out stronger, better communicators and we knew more about ourselves as individuals. We were also able to create a ceremony that reflects who we are as a couple at this point and time in our lives. There’s no part of the ceremony that felt inauthentic to us.

And we had a great party after.

So we’re having a great time being married and rejoining normal life!




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