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A Hello!

It’s been a while since I wrote an intro post on here!

But since we’re launching a new look — why not!

My name is Erin, I’m 26 and I’m in a Jewish-Catholic Interfaith marriage. My husband (referred to as J) and I have been together for almost seven years. In that time we went to college and graduated, started our first jobs, got married and bought a house. Suffice to say, there’s been a lot of growing.

We reside in New England, though we’re both transplants.

I work in media and have since I graduated college. It’s weird hours and long days but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

I almost converted to Judaism but decided not to.

We instead decided to have a Jewish home and have Jewish focused lives but still be interfaith. I’m not sure if I’ve closed the door totally on converting, it’s an ever evolving subject.

Between J and I, we have three siblings, two of whom are married. We see them a lot and we’re all really close. We are lucky to have parents who have been endlessly supportive of everything we’ve done.

We are the only interfaith relationship in our immediate families, but we both have aunts and uncles and now cousins who are in interfaith relationships. We can tell you first hand no two interfaith relationships are nearly the same. Even if they are all Jewish-Christian pairings there are a number of different decisions and experiences that change things for people.

I started this blog because there are some awesome sites and blogs for interfaith families, but they focus on life cycle events and those things happen — but there’s a lot of other time in life that you’re not figuring out how your Catholic parents will feel standing under the chuppah as opposed to sitting in the pew and those are the things that sometimes get lost in the interfaith conversation. I wanted to be an example of how I’ve done as people continue to go through the same things I have.

The best thing I’ve ever seen on this Earth is the single spot where lava and the sea meet on the Island of Hawaii.

You’re watching new land be created and in everything that happens, it will forever have been the most awe inspiring experience I’ve ever had.

I’m forever cooking and baking. I’m still trying to perfect my challah, I’m always inspired by Mandylicious challah and her Instagram but I’m pretty sure I have to perfect the basic challah before experimenting with all that she does.

I’m a lover of all things pink and sparkly. So much so that these were my reception shoes for my wedding.

I wrote a lot about the struggles of planning my interfaith, intercultural wedding on here. But I didn’t tell everything so if you have any questions or want to know if or how I did something don’t hesitate commenting or sending me a note!  I’ll pretty much answer anything, but remember what worked for us, might not be the best choice for you.

I’m always looking to expand my interfaith network, so any bloggers, sites or podcasts who want to work together, I’m always game!


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