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October 2017

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Interfaith Marriage is Good?

I’m a big fan of reading about other’s interfaith marriage experiences. Here’s the truth: what I write on here, what anyone tells you about their experiences, your interfaith experience is your own. Interfaith relationships involve dealing with people and family dynamics. It means waiting out as the worlds of religion change. It’s why my experience has been vastly different than two of my friends. Which leads me to a piece I read by Paul Golin on Forward. His question is: Is…

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Why We Decided To Test with JScreen

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J and I married four months ago and we are not ready for a child.  Even though J and I are not having children now, we felt that we could still be prepared by doing genetic testing. I actually did my test through  JScreen before our wedding. I won my test through the Jewish parenting website Kveller. Not all of their articles apply to me right now, there are great writers and really great content overall on that site. JScreen mailed me a full kit. I…

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Celebrating Sukkot

This is our first year we actually have a backyard to celebrate Sukkot. I certainly wouldn’t have in the past where we were living. As much as I’d like to tell you we’re building a sukkah as a full experiment this year, we aren’t. A traditional celebration just doesn’t work for us right now. And not just because we’re particularly inept at the building side of the holiday. J never celebrated it as a kid except for when he was…

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Yom Kippur

The sunrise and new start reminds me of the new start Yom Kippur gives us

I had a whole post written about this year’s Yom Kippur experience — how I assumed it would go. Spoiler alert: it was rough. I went to Kol Nidre services. Then I went to work where I had the hardest Yom Kippur of my life since I was, you know, actually working and not eating or drinking. Broke fast in the comfort of an edit room with all my coworkers during a last-minute meeting. None of them were fasting. All…

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