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What To Do With My Wedding Dress

love my wedding dress.

Like, just look at that lace.

It is pink, dramatic, covered in lace and sparkles. My maid of honor described it as me in dress form.

This past weekend I was at a wedding for a high school friend, which means after five months my beloved dress made its way from my parents’ house to mine.

This was our last friend wedding for a while, half our group is still single. But it means I had a good group to ask the question, what did you do with your dress?

I thought about donating it, I thought about selling it but I’m a sentimental person and I couldn’t part with it. Turns out most of my friends are the same way.

One after two years still had it hanging in the back of her closet and for a specific second ceremony had rented all three of her dresses. Another had it preserved and it’s been sitting in a box. A third had the train cut off hers and made into Christening cap for her son. She’ll have a second one made out of the train for her second son.

So what if you’re not going to have a Christening? There’s an expressly Christian way to incorporate my wedding dress in the future. But no such way in Judaism according to everyone I’ve asked.

Do I one day use this to make a cap for whatever spiritual ceremony we have for a future child? I’m still unsure. If we have a bris will my in-laws fell uncomfortable? Or will my family feel uncomfortable not having it?

The bigger question is do I even care? If making an element for a child or I dress them in a white gown for a religious ceremony makes me feel connected to my heritage that’s the best case scenario. I’m holing on to some traditions while embracing those of J’s family. I would hope everyone would respect the choices we make to best balance our faiths. However, people are not shy about sharing their opinions when it comes to interfaith dealings.

I like the idea of giving my dress a second life, but I’m not sold on something for an infant’s ceremony. I’d love to hear what others did with their wedding dresses!

So what is your wedding dress doing after the ceremony?

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