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The Holidays

Last year we got really, really lucky when it came to Rosh Hashanah. The holiday fell on our off days so we got be with all of J’s family. Which means it has been a year since I decided not to convert.  In the fall J and I work especially non-traditional work schedules; it’s our busiest time of year. We work nights and weekends. Starting after Labor Day celebrating Shabbat becomes out of the question since Friday is J’s busiest…

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Rosh Hashanah

I very much enjoy Jewish holidays. It actually pains me that my life my fall is my busiest time at work AND not everyone has it off which means if I take it off I continually have this conversation: Where were you? It was Rosh Hashanah. Oh, you’re Jewish? No, my partner is. So why do you celebrate? An then I get to explain that when someone we loves celebrates something different than us, we’re there to support them because that’s…

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